My Story

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<![endif]--> You never think it is going to happen to you. Nobody does. It happened to me.   Suddenly I found myself the single parent to my two young children. My career as a child abuse investigator is a stressful and busy one. I am alone, not only as a woman but as a mom. I’m exhausted and emotional, falling into bed every night thinking of the things I did not get done, hoping I was present enough with my kids so that they feel reassured and hopeful and loved. Will I have enough strength to get up tomorrow morning and do it all again?   Scentsy came to Canada in October 2009. A friend at work, Meghann, introduced me to it a few months later. I was too tired and distracted to pay it much attention, and while she was excited and motivated, I could only think about what to make for dinner and whether the dog was overdue for her shots. A few weeks later, she brought a warmer to work and warmed Camu Camu. I was instantly drawn to it – the smell was uplifting, the idea fantastic… you mean, I can forget to turn off my warmer and have no fear of starting a fire? I can warm different scents to make my house smell great? I can live my distracted chaotic life, lay my head down on the pillow at night and not sit up in fear that I left a candle burning in the living room? I can earn extra money from home to lighten my load of monthly bills? This is too good to be true….   I became a Consultant in January 2010. I not only LOVE Scentsy and the idea of no more flames, but as an asthmatic, I love that we WARM the wax, not burn it, thus no toxins in my home. I love that I can burn Route 66 in my bedroom and when night falls I can retreat to my sanctuary and feel the stress fading. I love that when people come to my home, their first words are “Wow, your house smells so good!” With a dog and two boys in hockey, it is not an easy task to keep your home smelling good! I love that I can work less hours as a Child Abuse Investigator because I am doing home and basket parties instead which means more time home with my kids. I love that I get to share the career of Scentsy with other people, welcome them to my team, and watch them succeed. I love that Scentsy inspires me to work hard and be kind and have great faith. I love that I am rewarded for that energy with fantastic trips – as a single mom I thought a trip to Disney World was way beyond my means. But next week, I am surprising my two children with that trip – an all-expense trip to Disney World!   You never think it is going to happen to you…..<!--endbody-->